Julian Slade
Wed, 07 Jan 2004 23:39:10 PST
Dear all

A nice botanical paper on rare Androcymbiums can be found at The article has several color
photos and line drawings. It also proposes yet another name change for A.
latifolium. Until recently, A. pulchrum and A. latifolium were thought to be
separate species based on the mistaken belief that A. latifolium came from
Namibia and that the bracts were deep pink versus purple in A. pulchrum;
they were recently combined into one species which must take the name of A.

Sorry Mary Sue, I cannot positively identify your "A. latifolium". Either it
is an undescribed species, or it is a cross involving latifolium and some
other species.

A thesis dealing with Colchicaceae family, including DNA sequencing results,
can be found at…
(requires Acrobat Reader). I'll leave it here in reporting that there will
be a lot of name changes following this research!


Julian Slade

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