Seed source

Mary Sue Ittner
Sat, 17 Jan 2004 07:47:31 PST
Dear All,

A number of us have mentioned in the past that we have been very pleased 
with the seeds we have obtained from Northwest Natives. This seed is wild 
collected by Ron Ratko from the Northwestern United States. He travels 
every year during the flowering season and doesn't necessary visit the same 
places every year. He has wonderful descriptions of the plants he sells, 
includes the year he collected so if he still has seed from past year's you 
will know that, and tells about the habitat including elevation which gives 
you valuable information about whether you might be able to grow these 
plants. A lot of seed this year was collected in California. There are 
quite a few Alliums, Calochortus, etc.

This year's catalog is available as an attachment. If you are interested in 
getting it, please contact Ron at and ask him to 
send it to you. He says he will only have a limited printed catalog this year.

Mary Sue 

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