Wiki Information/New Pictures added

Mary Sue Ittner
Fri, 16 Jan 2004 18:09:56 PST
Dear All,

We've been doing a lot of wiki maintenance lately. We've been making 
corrections, renaming files, creating subdirectories for pictures we have a 
lot of, and adding return links. So if any of you are looking at wiki 
pictures and find one won't load, please let me, Mark McDonough, or Mark 
Wilcox know so we can fix it. Also if you see a picture that you think is 
wrongly identified we want to know that too so we can correct it. If it is 
one of those where there is not clear agreement about what it should be 
named, we can at least add that which I think can be very useful 
information to someone who wants to know more about a particular species.

If you all start getting those Colchicums figured out and want to advise us 
on wiki pictures please do.

I had a request from one of our members for a way of figuring out what is 
new on the wiki. You can consult recent changes which will at least tell 
you that something has changed on a wiki page. It could just be that we 
have renamed the file however. If you select Diff at the bottom of the wiki 
page it will show the change by a + or a - to show words added or 
subtracted at the last change. Neither of those are entirely satisfactory 
solutions. Mark Wilcox has suggested we could add in parentheses the date 
we have added a picture. You'd still have to look through the whole page to 
figure this out however.

I have just added a picture of Oxalis luteola that was looking quite 
smashing yesterday. This one is MV 6395. I was able to get it at the IBS 
auction in Pasadena where Michael Vassar had offered five of his favorites. 
This is a nice bright yellow, but I see on the wiki page that Bill Dijk has 
one that also has nice bright yellow flowers in abundance, but also has 
spotted leaves! I've added the date I added the picture next to the file 
url following Mark's suggestion and have removed the inferior picture I 
took last year since Bob's is so much nicer.…

Lee Poulsen has just demonstrate another way we can announce changes to the 
wiki. We can just include the text we have added to the page so when you go 
to the wiki page you just look at that entry.

So here is what I have added for a Crocus blooming from seed for the first 
time this month. I am hoping Tony Goode and Angelo will give the pictures a 
look and see if they think that this is really the species it was supposed 
to be. Also don't get confused by some of the leaves you see in the 
pictures. I am using the Alberto Castillo approach for conserving pots and 
planting more than one thing in a pot if the organs are different so I can 
sort them out later. Those other leaves belong to a mystery plant that 
hasn't bloomed yet. This crocus is really beautiful, whatever it is.…
Crocus imperati subsp. suaveolens is a species from Italy that is an early 
bloomer that is rich violet on the inside and yellow to buff colored on the 
outside with violet striping on the back. It is distinguished from the 
other subspecies by having only one bract. Blooming for the first time from 
seed in January 2004 and photographed by Bob Rutemoeller. The second 
photograph shows this flower as having one tepal with purple on the 
outside. Another flower had several purple tepals on the outside as well as 
the usual buff colored ones.

Mary Sue

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