TOW seed dormancy - Alstroemeria

Diane Whitehead
Fri, 16 Jan 2004 13:25:25 PST
>>  A. philippiana germinated 10 days from the time sown.  Any of my 
>>seeds that germinated in 30 days or less germinated in the warmth 
>>of my kitchen or living room - Diane
>That beats anything I saw 4 years ago when I tried germinating 
>without chilling, on a mist bench at high temps (20 to 23 C). I 
>don't have many seed of species (just a few of aurea and ligtu that 
>I collect annually) but I have oodles of hybrids sitting around. - 

Alstroemerias fill all, or almost all, niches in Chile, so seed 
dormancy and germination requirements must vary depending on the 
species.  I don't have the F & W catalogues that describe where the 
old seeds were collected.  I'll list them so that perhaps someone who 
has the old seedlists can tell us where.

Sown a month ago and currently about 7 cm tall and growing their third leaves:

this year's collecting:

10560 A. paupercula (formerly A. violacea) Chile Antofagasta 
District, Northern Coastal Desert Zone barish scree and talus beds at 
W facing, Pacific foot of coastal range 30 - 100 m

10575 A. philippiana Chile Atacama/Coquimbo area, Coastal 
Semi-Mediterranean Desert Zone rough gulleys 250 m

old seed:

9531 magnifica ssp maxima
9582 diluta ssp chrysantha (yellow)
9558 diluta ssp chrysantha (pink)
9575 hookeri ssp cumingiana
9578 hookeri ssp maculata
9580 magenta
9604 pulchra v pulchra

Not yet germinated:
9507 and 9551 crispata
10300 pseudospathulata

Seed that germinated within the one month warm period in previous years:

A. magnifica ssp maxima  16 days
A. aff exserens  18 days
A. psittacina  18 days
A. sp ex Patagonia 21 days

Until my plants flower there is not much point in comparing seed from 
various sources, as some may be named incorrectly. Seed from several 
sources labelled A. patagonica took 64, 74, 96 and 301 days to 

Diane Whitehead  Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
maritime zone 8
cool mediterranean climate (dry summer, rainy winter - 68 cm annually)
sandy soil

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