Favorite Yellow Flowered Bulbs--TOW

jennifer.hildebrand@att.net jennifer.hildebrand@att.net
Wed, 21 Jan 2004 10:40:49 PST
Hi all,

Like many others, I'm not terribly fond of yellow flowers.  I'm actually 
surprised to hear that so many others prefer other colors as well - I thought 
it was just one of my quirks.  

That means, of course, that my list of favorite yellows is going to include a 
fair number of yellow mixes:

1.  Hesperantha vaginata.  I guess adding the brown highlights is enough of a 
distraction for me!

2.  Moraea (Homeria) elegans also has a lovely mix of yellow and either green 
or orange - there's a great picture on Jim Duggan's site: 

3.  Any of the yellow Tigridias

4.  Doug Westfall's gorgeous yellow Veltheimia bracteata definitely makes the 
list (http://pacificbulbsociety.org/pbswiki/files/…
yellow.jpg).  And there's not even another color in there to break up all 
that yellow!

5.  This may not exactly count, as there is more white than yellow, but I 
love the pale, soft yellow of the cup of Narcissus 'Loth Lorien'.

Now that was hard work - and not because I had to narrow down my list!

in Lincoln, NE, where I'm told I should be grateful for 45 degree highs in 

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