Mark Smyth
Wed, 21 Jan 2004 11:48:30 PST
"some ghostly words appear right across the image"

that is a copyright, marksgardenplants which is across all my images to, try
to, prevent theft and seeing them turn up on other sites.  I don't believe
the letters a and r take away from the obvious yellow/orange mark. For those
who haven't seen the image here is a link

I would like to point out that before the recent chat about snowdrops
started I had prepared an article on this subject for your
newsletter/magazine 'The Bulb Garden' complete with my photos but minus the
copyright. I have now informed the Editor that I will no longer be offering
it to the group due to the attitudes of PBS members. I have never felt so
ridiculed when talking about the bulbs I grow. Can you imagine what it would
be like for everyone to sneer at each members favourite bulb?

N Ireland
35 Galanthus species and cultivars in bloom today

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