TOW: Veltheimia

Douglas Westfall
Fri, 30 Jan 2004 14:34:28 PST

> From: Mary Sue Ittner <>
> Reply-To: Pacific Bulb Society <>
> Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2004 17:40:59 -0800
> To: Pacific Bulb Society <>
> Subject: Re: [pbs] TOW: Veltheimia
> I have a question about growing from seed and how long the seed is viable.
> I've had mixed luck growing from seed. One year I started seed in the
> spring and in the fall. The deer ate all my spring seedlings and they never
> recovered so I wasn't able to conclude if that was a good time. I've had
> good and bad luck with seeds. Some years no germination and some years good
> germination. Last year's BX seed that was supposed to be bicolors which I
> really was excited about yielded 0. I'm not quite sure why the mixed
> results. Would some of you who are always successful tell us what you do?
> Michael, Doug?
Mary Sue,

At the sake of sounding like a "smart aleck, "I JUST PLANT THEM."

Your question is certainly a very good one. This year, I am going to collect
a few seeds and plant them at various times with documentation.  I seems
that those seeds that I hav planted just when they are "ripe" have done the
best.  That may be just an impression.  I have a flat that must have 150 to
200 seedlings growing.  I did not "document" the date that they were


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