Ledebouria and Eucomis

Bonsaigai37@aol.com Bonsaigai37@aol.com
Fri, 30 Jan 2004 15:28:46 PST
As far as sources for Ledebouria:

Glasshouseworks (pretty good selection, I've dealt with them for years, 
Silverhill (they are very nice, very efficient)
Guy Wrinkle (nice selection, only ordered once [Haemanthus and Euphorbia], 
good experience)

I found L. galpinii listed last year with Silverhill.  It is no longer listed 
or available.  It is a wonderful plant that is quickly finding itself on the 
threatened/endangered lists.  Hopefully, it will pollinate well...

These three have good websites and respond well.  I also know that Cape 
Flora, Yucca Do and World Bulbs carry Ledebouria.  I've not ordered from the last 

Best wishes finding great plants,
Michael Loos

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