TOW: Veltheimia
Fri, 30 Jan 2004 15:56:51 PST
Hello to seed starters,
I have grown Veltheimia bracteata three times from seed, (once for V. 
capensis).  Each batch was sown in 1:1 peat/perlite mix with bottom heat and covered. 
 Seeds began germinating within ten days and I had 90-100% germination within 
one month.  The V. capensis had 80% germination with the same treatment, but 
in all respects slower.  No other treatment was used.  One batch was from 
Silverhill, two from IBS-SX.

A question of Veltheimia hardiness in Ohio was mentioned earlier.  I would 
say no, although I've never tried...

I think that many gardeners need to invest in a $25 heating pad for starting 
seeds.   Whether it's tomatoes or rare Amaryllids, the results are well worth 
the investment.  Sunny windowsills simply don't cut it in Ohio.  A garden 
editor asked me for an idea for an article about a product.  I mentioned the 
heating pad.  She had done it, but it didn't go over well because it didn't 
photograph.  It is a necessary tool for any gardener.  Ok ok it's not a trowel, but 
still a good tool.   ;7)

One of the quite joys of gardening is propagating plants!  
From pristine white root radical to leafy, green and thriving ... 

Waxing all too poetic,
Michael Loos

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