Naming and introduction of Lilium Enchantment.

Kenneth Hixson
Sat, 24 Jan 2004 14:03:44 PST
Dear All
	I didn't intend this thread to involve lilies so deeply.
Those who aren't interested use the delete.
	In the Fall 2003 Pacific Northwest Lily Society Bulletin,
Thomas Hornback, son of Earl, has an article (P5-9) giving his recollections
of the lily project, including that de Graff had no interest in lilies
until purchasing breeding stock from Earl and his brother Howard in 1947.  
These lilies were raised originally from a plot of plants kept near his 
(Earl's) house, starting in about 1940. This is of course at variance with-
or at least a different account of-everything I've seen previously, and is 
the recollection of Thomas, rather than written records, as far as I see.  
Interesting.  Nothing specifically about Enchantment, however.

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