Bulbs for California's Central Valley

RichardPIV@aol.com RichardPIV@aol.com
Sat, 24 Jan 2004 13:54:52 PST
     Please recommend some bulbs/geophytes for beginners for California's 
Central Valley.   These should be Meditterranean climate type bulbs which will 
receive no or little water during the summer and natural rainfall in the winter. 
  Summer days are usually above 100 degrees, with summer nighttime lows in 
the 70-80s, and winters are cool and damp, 35-45 degrees, but rarely freezing.

     My daughter is buying a new home there in a tract development in Selma, 
near Fresno, California.   The soil appears to be well drained and was 
probably an old Thompson seedless grape vineyard.   I have many bulbs I can share 
with her but my Medit. climate is coastal northern California, with cool, wetter 
winters and cool dry summers, rarely above 80 degrees day, usually in 60s at 
night. I doubt if Lachenalias would be successful in Selma, but many Agapanthus 
are in the area.


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