The Bulb Garden

Marguerite English
Wed, 14 Jan 2004 14:04:42 PST
Dear all:
    There is still time to submit a short garden vignette telling about 
some part of your garden or a plant profile telling us how you work with a 
specific bulb or group of bulbs: cultivation, planting techniques and 
companions.   That's another way of saying "The newsletter isn't full yet, 
and I would love to have you help out!"
    If I promised you a response about your missing issues before the 
holidays and haven't followed through, please excuse me.  I was down with a 
malaise from Christmas to New Year's days, but I have the list of your 
e-mails and will get to you soon.   Patty will be getting us straightened 
out with new member information soon!

Marguerite English,
Editor: 'The Bulb Garden'
Pacific Bulb Society

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