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Mary Sue Ittner
Tue, 06 Jan 2004 17:32:44 PST
Dear All,

I'd just like to mention that in the last six weeks or so we have created 
some new wiki pages. Our PBS treasurer, Jennifer Hildebrand, created the 
first place page in May 2003 after visiting the Getty Gardens in southern 
California. I added a few more places (Drayton, Boskloof) after our trip to 
South Africa (August-September) so I would have a page for special places 
we had visited in the wild where they were a lot of nice bulbs. I hoped 
that some of the others who went to the IBSA symposium and visited these 
places would add their pictures too, but they haven't yet. We are slowly 
making headway with our slides so if there is ever time I might add some 
more pictures to these pages. I made a page to put some of the bulbs we saw 
in Nieuwoudtville in 2001 and one for the Karoo Gardens too.

Angelo has been taking pictures of wild bulbs near where he lives in 
Apulia, Italy. So we created a page for that and Mark Wilcox has gathered 
up the images he already had added to the photographs page so they are all 
in one place too.

We (meaning mostly my husband) took a lot of pictures last spring of bulbs 
in the wild we saw while hiking so I have made a page for bulbs in the wild 
for the Mendocino-Sonoma coast. Kristina Van Wert has started a wiki page 
with photographs of bulbs in the bulb collection at the Mendocino Coast 
Botanical Gardens. If you look at her pictures be sure you look at the Ixia 
viridiflora that got sunk in the succulent garden. It makes for an 
interesting backdrop.

Some of the rest of you who are associated with gardens may also want to 
start a wiki page. All of these pages I have mentioned can be accessed from 
the link below.…

Mary Sue
PBS List Administrator, Wiki Worker, TOW Coordinator (Whew!)

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