TOW S.H.Do in Jan. - Garden

David Sneddon
Wed, 07 Jan 2004 01:22:00 PST


What to do in the Southern Hemisphere in January here on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia 80Km North of Sydney.............

I'm zone 9/10 subtropical here and its not just starting to warm up lots, its humid. I hope Monday was just a freak day but I left home at 6.30 am and before I was out the door my business shirt was stuck to my back (Too much information maybe?) (Worst thing was it didn't develop into rain!)

Water seedlings with the water can before it warms up (usually just before I go to work).

On weekends drive around (in my 'air conditioned' car) looking for, or at crinums in flowers, and rescuing those in need of some love. 

Order Amaryllid seeds this month and next two (in my not so airconditioned study).

Order some Nerine cutlivars (and dream of having an air conditioned study).

Update my plant journal...Includes status of seedlings, purchases, plantings, gifts etc.. (in an airconditioned train on the way home from work, a 1.5 hour trip).




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