Cyrtanthus TOW

Mary Sue Ittner
Fri, 02 Jan 2004 17:29:47 PST
Dear All,

I know this is a slow week and that Rhoda and Cameron are out of town, but 
surely there are some of you out there who grow this genus who haven't yet 
shared your experiences with it. Robert Parker I remember in Pasadena said 
it was his favorite!! So Robert, tell us which ones you are growing and 

Has anyone ever tried using liquid smoke with the ones that won't bloom or 
planting them in clay pots and then setting pine needles or twigs or 
something on top on fire to get them to bloom. Or has anyone tried the bee 
keeper method of creating smoke and piping it into a plastic bag with a 
Cyrtanthus inside of it and closing up the bag and leaving it for a day or 
so before setting it free. If you have tried any of these methods, tell us 
the results.

And does anyone think it is the smoke, the removal of competing vegetation, 
or the nutrients in the ash that make a difference with this species. Or 
all of these. Rhoda and Cameron when you come back even if you read this 
several weeks later please respond to this question if no one else has.

When we visited Rhoda and Cameron when they were living in the Eastern Cape 
they told us about seeing Cyrtanthus in bloom not very long after fires.

Mary Sue

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