Crinum ..., amaryllis belladonna pollenation

Ann Marie
Fri, 02 Jan 2004 14:58:33 PST
I down load all my photos off one computer to up grade to a new one and havenot gotten organized yet but to add more photos to the wiki soon, before spring.  Ann Marie

David Fenwick <> wrote:>>>I purchased a bulb last year that is a nerine (white) crossed with
Amaryllis Belladonna. The flower looks just like a nerine but very large.
It bloomed again this year, very hardy for me in zone 21 (Sunset) Southern
California, San Gabriel valley near Pasadena

Hi Ann Marie,
Very interesting, have you a pic you could put on the wikki so we can see

Best Wishes,

David Fenwick
The African Garden
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So. California, San Gabriel Valley, Zone 21 (Sunset Western Garden book) , influenced by both marine and interior air(Santa Ana winds). This makes it perfect for Citrus trees and most So African plants. I collect and sometimes sell belladonnas, nerines, oxalis, moraea, amaryllis, palms, epiphyllums, succulents and other south african bulbs.  email me at for list of bulbs and plants for sale.  For home and garden sculptures go to  

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