TOW Favourite Yellow flowers

Peter Maynard
Mon, 26 Jan 2004 03:22:49 PST
It has been a long week!
My best of all must be Sternbergia lutea,  bright, large, sturdy flowers in early autumn when not much else is flowering, strong green leaves which persist through the worst of our winter; it sets seed which germinates readily, new bulbs appear all though the garden even in the paths. Admired by visitors!
 Arum creticum with its gorgeous brilliant yellow scented spathes and bright green leaves which are already showing. After a heavy night frost the leaves will lay black on the ground  as if the vascular system was destroyed, but if the  temperature rises during the day the leaves miraculously recover.
 Daubenya aurea in it's yellow form is happy here under glass I like mainly because it always surprises visitors.
 And one more,  Ipheion dialystemon: in a pot under glass with five bright yellow flowers, if the sun shines they fill the greenhouse a strong scent which some love and others wrinkle their nose ! After many years of frustration  I think it wonderful to behold
S.E. England Zone 8 Coastal Plain
natales grate numeras

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