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Bill Dijk daffodil@wave.co.nz
Mon, 26 Jan 2004 02:37:40 PST
Hi All,

Although very busy in the nursery with the mail-orders, I can't resist to
mention my favourite yellow flowers.
I love the daffodils and especially my miniature daffies, which I have been
associated with (daffodils) for the last 30 years.
Apart from being a bulbophile, some people might even say I am suffering
from yellow fever, which there is no cure for.
Anyway I will show a couple of  mini daffodils of our own breeding.
Both "Little Flik" and "Daffy Duck" are two of our most favourite mini's, as
well as the cyclamineus species and hybrids.
Another yellow favourite would be the beautiful but sometimes temperamental
Paramongaia weberbaueri
Its like a giant daffodil, with a very delicate perfume to match.
And don't forget the yellow Veltheimia aurea, a clump of those in the garden
is always a point of interest.
Arum criticum is another one of my favourite yellows, when there is usually
not much in flower at that time.
The last one would be the beautiful golden Lycoris chinensis, a splendid
autumn flowering species.
These are just a few of the many genera I love and grow, but daffodils will
always be one of my favourites.

Best wishes,

Bill Dijk

PS: Mary Sue, please feel free to include them in the Wiki, haven't had time
to do so yet.

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