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> Speaking of inclusivity, I would like some input from anyone having 
> experience with Lewisia. From what I have seen these are only rated to zone 
> 7. I recon I am in zone 9b (maritime in So Cal) so zone 7 seems a stretch. I 
> found L. 'Little Plum' at a local nursery that often has one or two plants 
> one does not see at nurseries hereabouts, and of course I couldn't help 
> myself and bought one.

Cathy, I found this lewisia in a local nursery (Cincinnati, OH Z6a) last 
spring. I bought two. One was planted in a half-shady corner in clay soil that 
retains some moisture. The second was in a full-sun rockgarden setting. The clay 
soil one bloomed rather steadily to about the end of June when we got hotter 
temps (80F+) and more humidity and less rainfall.  The other disappeared in a 
month without ever blooming.

We've had sub 10-degree weather this winter on a few days and now have 3" of 
snow and ice. I'll be surprised if the surviving plant returns next year. But 
it was a pretty thing and I"ll buy it again if that same nursery has it (for 
Linda Wallpe--Greenfield Plant Farm of course)
Bill Lee

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