Cathy Craig
Sun, 25 Jan 2004 21:16:52 PST
I have been following the discussion on geophytes and what may be discussed 
on our forum. Having read the responses, I am glad to hear we are being 
inclusive rather than exclusive...keeps the forum more interesting that way 
I think.

Speaking of inclusivity, I would like some input from anyone having 
experience with Lewisia. From what I have seen these are only rated to zone 
7. I recon I am in zone 9b (maritime in So Cal) so zone 7 seems a stretch. I 
found L. 'Little Plum' at a local nursery that often has one or two plants 
one does not see at nurseries hereabouts, and of course I couldn't help 
myself and bought one.

Now I just have to figure out the siting and aspect w/re sun, soil type, 
etc. Any suggestions anyone? It is mostly cool here near the ocean with only 
a very few days each summer over 90F, mostly 75F-80F summertime days. Cool 
evenings. No real salt air or spray, many years lots of fog every season, 
although for the most part we are about 250 ft above the fog belt. Frost: 
very rare.

Cathy Craig EA

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