Sternbergia clusiana - update

Brian Whyer
Wed, 28 Jan 2004 08:08:02 PST

Sorry for the delayed correction to the mis-named links, but I have been
away from home since last Monday, and my isp refused the correction
email that I tried to send immediately after sending the original.
No doubt those of you interested will have followed Mary Sue's good
advice and used the sternbergia page to look at the stereo photos,
rather than my non working links which had an extra added character, but
for those of you who would like the corrected links, or if you are
reading this from an archive. The correct links, at this time are, for
the page…
the true left/right images…
the reversed left/right…

I have had 2 feedback responses so far, 1 having no trouble seeing
stereo with either image and the other not being able to see either. If
it is any consolation to those of you unable to visually merge the
images, and see in 3D stereo, the photographer who took the photos
cannot do so either. He views them using twin polarised slide projectors
onto a screen, and polarised glasses. All I can suggest to help is,
merge the images as best you can, and then holding them there, just
relax the eyes and the 3D should appear. There are many websites that
give varied instructions but really you are on your own.

A powdering of the white stuff on the lawn this morning, but 5C out
there now and double figures promised for the weekend again. Tropaeolum
tricolor just beginning to colour up it's first flowers in the cold
house. Last year it did not finish flowering until end of April. 3
months of flowers from one bulb. Must be a TOW subject there. Scoliopus
bigelowii has 2 flowers out in the cold frame, but I can't remember how
tuberous the root system is underneath; but it is a trillium relative.

Brian Whyer, zone 8'ish, Buckinghamshire, England

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