Favorite yellow flowered bulbs.

John Bryan johnbryan@worldnet.att.net
Thu, 22 Jan 2004 11:03:40 PST
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, 

The top of the morning to all!

 Many have listed their favorite yellow flowered bulbs, does anyone use
the R.H.S. Color Charts to determined the shades of yellow?  The older
versions gave names to the colors, but the latest, which are so much
better defined as regards to color, do not. A pity in my opinion, such
names as 'Lettuce' green, were great when writing descriptions for

Here are some of my favorite yellow flowered bulbs, I did not include
cultivars, with two exceptions.

Asphodeline lutea.
Bobartia robusta
Bulbinella elegans, a lovely flower.
Erythronium grandiflorum, I have established colonies on my ranch in
Lilium 'Golden Splendor'. Magnificent, an older established strain now,
but originally a clone, but it has such good texture and is long lasting
in flower. A selection made, way back when, from Golden Clarion.
Morea ramossima. Not long lasting but so many flowers are produced.
Ranunculus 'Hadeco Yellow' one of the finest strains, very full double
Sandersonia aurantiaca, a favorite of florists here in California,
selling for very high prices.
Wachendorfia thyrisiflora, perhaps a little on the coarse side, but just
saying the name is exciting, and when you see masses of these in flower
you will never forget it.
Zantedeschia elliottiana, perhaps the cleanest yellow, and so long

Having listed the yellows, perhaps we ought to list the fragrances we
like the most. I think fried Allium cepa perfumes the air and is
especially pleasant when one is hungry! Thinking about this, I have
often wondered why, if we eat A. sativum, the 'fragrance' will come from
the skin. If the reason for this could be isolated, I wonder why no
company has devised a deodorant pill, and combine the chemical compound
with a delightful fragrance. Dr James Shields have you thoughts on this?
as a distinguished chemist, perhaps you know?

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