Another Crinum question

Jim McKenney
Mon, 12 Jul 2004 18:31:14 PDT
At 06:54 PM 7/12/2004 EDT, Joe Shaw wrote:

>I have been lucky enough to trade some of my items for some Crinum 
>zeylanicum.  It is a pass-along Crinum from Miami area.  It grows outdoors
there and 
>seems to do well, according to my trading partner.  I've heard this
species is 
>sensitive to cold.
>Does anyone know how it performs in zone 9?  I've looked over the recent 
>hardy Crinum data (very impressive), but I didn't find any mention of C. 
>zeylanicum.  Marcelle Sheppard tells me it survives for her in Beaumont,
Texas but, 
>"doesn't like it." 

I mentioned Crinum zeylanicum in a June 15 post as one of the Crinum I've
grown outdoors here in Maryland. I no longer have this plant, but it grew
well enough to bloom each year for years. 

Was my plant the real thing? I have a slide made in August 1986 which shows
a very stout Crinum with large, shapely, substantial flowers, mostly white
but with narrow red stripes/bands on the outside of the flower. The red
shows on the inside of the flower. The slide shows five or so flowers open
in a horizontal position, five hanging down, and a few big fat buds. The
scape was perhaps a yard high. 

Does that sound like Crinum zeylanicum? If it does, then it's a lot hardier
than anything zone 9 delivers. 

Jim McKenney
Montgomery County, Maryland, USA, USDA zone 7, where I've never had to cry
over the Crinum on account of lack of hardiness.

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