Another Crinum question
Mon, 12 Jul 2004 15:54:43 PDT

I have been lucky enough to trade some of my items for some Crinum 
zeylanicum.  It is a pass-along Crinum from Miami area.  It grows outdoors there and 
seems to do well, according to my trading partner.  I've heard this species is 
sensitive to cold.

Does anyone know how it performs in zone 9?  I've looked over the recent 
hardy Crinum data (very impressive), but I didn't find any mention of C. 
zeylanicum.  Marcelle Sheppard tells me it survives for her in Beaumont, Texas but, 
"doesn't like it."  

Since it grows OK in Miami, I'm guessing it can take year round rain.  My 
plan is to give it good drainage and let plant it near the house foundation where 
it will get a little warmth on the coldest nights.  


Joe Shaw, Conroe, TX.  The rain has stopped and now it is hot and sticky.

p.s.  I'm afraid I'm becoming a Crinum addict.  

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