Nerine bowdenii wellsii

J.E. Shields
Thu, 22 Jul 2004 13:17:56 PDT
Hi everyone,

In 2002, I received some bulbs labeled "Nerine bowdenii wellsii, stock 
originally from Mont aux Sources" from a vendor in South Africa. Mont aux 
Sources was supposed to be the type locality of wellsii.

Two of them are about to bloom. The flat linear leaves have the twist 
characteristic of Nerine krigei. Furthermore, some of my N. krigei are also 
starting to bloom. This seems far to early for a bowdenii to be blooming, 
and indeed none of my other bowdenii show any sign of flowering. I'll post 
pictures when the flowers open.

In the meantime, can anyone tell me how the foliage of wellsii compares to 
that of typical bowdenii and to krigei?

Does anyone grow real wellsii? How does yours behave?

A bulb labeled Nerine forbesii, from Forbes Reef in Swaziland, is about to 
bloom. In foliage, it closely resembles my not-yet-bloomed N. laticoma. Can 
anyone comment on "forbesii" vs. laticoma?

Regards to all from very hot and humid central Indiana,
Jim Shields

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