Nerine bowdenii wellsii
Thu, 22 Jul 2004 13:40:21 PDT
Nerine krigei is the only species with spirally twisted leaves.

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Subject : [pbs] Nerine bowdenii wellsii

> Hi everyone,
> In 2002, I received some bulbs labeled "Nerine bowdenii wellsii, stock 
> originally from Mont aux Sources" from a vendor in South Africa. Mont aux 
> Sources was supposed to be the type locality of wellsii.
> Two of them are about to bloom. The flat linear leaves have the twist 
> characteristic of Nerine krigei. Furthermore, some of my N. krigei are also 
> starting to bloom. This seems far to early for a bowdenii to be blooming, 
> and indeed none of my other bowdenii show any sign of flowering. I'll post 
> pictures when the flowers open.
> In the meantime, can anyone tell me how the foliage of wellsii compares to 
> that of typical bowdenii and to krigei?
> Does anyone grow real wellsii? How does yours behave?
> A bulb labeled Nerine forbesii, from Forbes Reef in Swaziland, is about to 
> bloom. In foliage, it closely resembles my not-yet-bloomed N. laticoma. Can 
> anyone comment on "forbesii" vs. laticoma?
> Regards to all from very hot and humid central Indiana,
> Jim Shields
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