How about that Texas Weather
Sat, 03 Jul 2004 09:16:56 PDT

The weather station records at the nearest airport show precipitation for 
every day in June, except June 1, it also sprinkled July 1 and 2.  My 
observations at home tell me it rained every day in June and July 1 and 2.  Perhaps folks 
in the Pacific Northwest are used to such weather, but it has been a bit much 
here near Houston, TX.

The humidity has ranged very high when it was not raining--typically up to 
100% for at least half the day, and sometimes all day.  It has been warm too, 
with many days of 95 F (36 C).  Most of my plants like the weather, but some 
have shown signs of crankiness.   The Conroe airport reports about 14 inches of 
rain for June. Some Houston news sources claim over 16 inches of rain.  My 
backyard homemade rain gauge tells me I got over 18 inches of rain in my part of 
Montgomery County, TX.  

Oddly, seedlings of 4 or 5 Dierama species have thrived in the heat and 
humidity.  I kept meaning to put them away for summer, or at least indoors under 
lights, but laziness won that battle.  They seem happy and healthy and as long 
as I keep them in out of hot sun they keep growing.  They are in fast draining 
soil--but have stayed damp all the month of June (and most of May too).   I 
was lucky enough to get the seeds from a member of the PBS last winter, au 
gratis.  This sure is a friendly group.


Conroe Joe

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