Arisaema id

James Waddick
Sat, 03 Jul 2004 09:10:59 PDT
Dear Arnold;
	Chen Yi is notorious for substituting and mis-identifying 
plants especially dormant tubers. Whether this is intentional or 
accidental is unknown.
	Your plant is probably either A fargesii or A franchetianum. 
Some authors consider them both as a single variable species.  These 
are closely related and difficult to identify from an immature leaf 
such as you show. Adult leaves can be immense- up to 18 inches in 
length for the central main leaflet. Mature leaves have three 
leaflets, younger leaves may have a single undivided leaf or one or 
two divisions of various depth.
	It is one of the easier and hardier Chinese species and 
common from Chen Yi regardless of ID #
	The International Aroid Society has a gallery of photos that 
might help. Google will bring this up.

	Best	Jim W.

ps a new book 'The Genus Arisaema, a monograph for botanists and 
nature lovers' by G and L Gusman is worth an inter-library loan.
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