permanent clones??

Rodger Whitlock
Thu, 08 Jul 2004 13:02:15 PDT
On  5 Jul 04 at 11:04, zonneveld wrote:

> Kevin wrote:

> > And then there are things/clones that exists
> > through time w/o change.

> I am sure every clone will in time accumulate rare mutations
> Actually if a single clone is multiplied in two different locations
> by two different people they will in time differ  It may be
> sometime before a visible mutation has happened

In "Plant Breeding" by Liberty Hyde Bailey, the renowned American 
horticulturist, the point is made that even within clones there is 
considerable variation. Bailey asserts that in an apple orchard of 
only one cultivar, the individual trees will show significant 
variation, and that even the twigs on one tree vary.

Unless I mis-read or mis-remember the text, he even asserts that such 
intra-clonal variation is as great as that in a batch of seedlings.

I must admit that I think Bailey overstated the degree of variation 
in clones, but on the other hand he was not an idiot and knew a lot 
more than I do.

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