jennifer.hildebrand@att.net jennifer.hildebrand@att.net
Thu, 08 Jul 2004 13:36:16 PDT
Hi all,

I am, once again, on the move.  This time I'm packing up for western New York - Peter and I will be about 10 blocks from Lake Erie, and about 45 minutes north of the PA state line.

If you have just put a payment into the mail, I'm sure it will reach me before I leave.  If you were just about to put a payment in the mail, please hold onto it.  Our moving van arrives Tues., July 13.

We plan to reach our new address by July 16, but just to be safe, why don't you all hold onto those BX slips and your checks until July 20.  I will, of course, be forwarding my mail, but it sometimes means an extra month in transit and is never wholly reliable.

After July 20, please address all payments to me/PBS at:
31 E. Sixth St.
Dunkirk, NY 14048.

The email address for BX payments will remain the same.

Thanks so much for your patience!

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