Hedychium and Gethyllis

piaba piabinha@yahoo.com
Mon, 26 Jul 2004 09:50:31 PDT
i'm a bit late in replying, but...

re: H. coronarium

this plant is a tough one.  travelling in brazil, i
saw how it had become naturalized in areas where the
vegetation has been disturbed and it's growing
everywhere.  it's a very invasive plant in the
southeast, at the edge of the dwindling forests. 
visiting IguaƧu Falls, there was even a clump growing
in an isolated island in the mist by itself, no other
vegetation nearby.  i wonder if they couldn't just cut
them for the florist trade, but i assume the flowers
don't last long and therefore unsuitable for that.

re: Gethyllis

ever since i saw the first pics of G. grandiflorus,
i've been fascinated by this genus.  i don't grow any
but maybe in the future.  

now, is it true that they are commonly referred to as
"gorilla armpit bulb?"  has anyone else heard that?

tsuh yang

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