Pacific BX 67 - Allium
Mon, 26 Jul 2004 09:56:55 PDT
From Dell Sherk:
>1. Seed of Allium rotundum var jajlae 
>(also known as A. scorodoprasum),
>narrow glaucous leek-like leaves, 
>pinkish-purple flowers in late spring 
>in 3 cm umbels.

To provide a visual image of this pretty Allium, I have posted a photo to the Drumstick Onions page on the PBS wiki.…

(watch for word-wrapping on this URL)

Or go to:…
and follow the links for the Drumstick Onion page.

Please note, I believe the correct nomenclature for "jajlae" is Allium scorodoprasum ssp. jajlae.  The species known as Allium rotundum is best regarded as Allium scorodoprasum ssp. rotundum, even though most often seen simply as A. rotundum. There is a 3rd subspecies of scorodoprasum; waldsteinii.  All are really delightful in the garden, although since they go dormant after flowering, they can be underplanted with non-agressive smaller plants.

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