Gethylis -pollination and watering?

Robert Werra
Mon, 12 Jul 2004 12:37:43 PDT
DearPBS; I grow Gethylis. If I can, anyone can.
Gethylis villosa is not spectacular, but is quite
interesting. My climate is coastal range northern
Calif.-winter rainfall-35 inches-mild-down to
occasional upper 20's F. Summer is dry and hot- up to
100+ at times. Soil mix-3 parts potting mix, 3 sand, 1
perlite, 1 vermiculite. Why? I don't know. 5 in. deep
oval plastic pot. In Jan. '02,'03,'04 up popped 15
twisted, dark green, very hairy leaves on a 1 in.
thick red stem. They happily persist for 3+ mo. even
after many other So. Afrcans are done. I keep watering
them until they dry(I don't know if this is
necessary). They wither for 1-2 months and then
suddenly a long white bud emerges opening to a 1-2
in.lax bloom for 4-5 days in June-July. Only half of
them bloomed. In '03 six bloomed at the same time. In
'04 three bloomed in early June and three bloomed 2
weeks late. You have to be watchful or you will miss
them. I saw no fruits in the fall, but I had them
covered in the shade and didn't look. Question?? How
should you pollinate them? I rubbed the blossoms
together(I thought I heard happy squeals). Is there a
better way? Sorry this is so long. Bob Werra   

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