Paradisea or Anthericum

Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 12 Jul 2004 12:23:20 PDT
Dear All and especially Jane,

My husband took a picture of a plant clearly named Paradisea lusitanica at 
Wisley so I thought since this genus had been discussed in relationship to 
Anthericum and because Jane said she'd have seed of it, I'd put that 
picture on the wiki. Looking at the pictures on the net and my books there 
is amazingly different pictures illustrating the same plant and they can't 
all be correct. I can see why people would send in wrongly labeled seeds as 
what is correct is not clear. In fact our pictures of plants clearly 
labeled Paradisea lustanica at Wisley Gardens and Anthericum liliago at Kew 
are hard for me to tell apart and I'm wondering if they are correctly named.

Jane, please look at the new pictures and see if they look like the 
Paradisea lusitanica you grow and make any needed changes in the 
descriptions on the wiki. I am totally confused.

And looking at Paradisea in a couple of reference books I see P. liliastrum 
and P. lusitanicum or P. lusitanica. Looking at the index I see that P. 
lusitanica is the correct spelling, but doesn't that make the endings 
different for the two species. Perhaps you can elaborate on that too.……

Mary Sue

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