Seed-sowing Trick, was Re: Manfreda

Arnold Trachtenberg
Mon, 19 Jul 2004 19:45:31 PDT

I conducted a long search for the grit/gravel that you describe.   I 
finally went to a cemetery  stone engraver and asked where he bought the 
grit he used to engrave the stones.  I found a place in the Bronx that 
carries all sorts of different sized grit which is used for sandblasting 
operations.  I picked up a bag  ( 50 lb) of black slag not knowing what 
I  was going to do with it, but it looks great.  I used the grit to top 
dress all my seed pots and have used it as a soil amendment for all my 
colchicums which have done well.

Anyone in the NY/NJ areas looking for the source send me a private email 
and I'll give you directions and contact info.


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