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> though M virginica is from the eastern 
> and central US, I am surprised that it didn't fare well in LA, unless 
> the problem truly was over- vigorous watering.


I cannot say why your M. virginica failed.  I do know that plants in this 
area grow 2-3 feet above sometimes wet areas in sandy soils that have a fair bit 
of humus.  Two or three years ago we got 70 inches of rain, and different 
parts of this county (Montgomery County, TX) got 12-20 inches of rain this past 
June.  The local M. virginica loved it and produced lots of seed.  

From plants I've seen grown from different locations (Oklahoma, East Texas, 
unknown, etc.), I can say there is a lot of variation in the species.  They all 
have the same flower (more or less), but do vary in time of flowering and 
succulence of leaves, as well as minute dentations (present or not) on leaf 
edges.  Perhaps some are more sensitive to water.  

The plants in this general area thrive on lots of water as long as they have 
very good drainage.  They do go dormant (floppy and dead-looking) when 
deprived of water for extended periods.  


Conroe Joe

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