winter hardiness - deep south trilliums

Jane McGary
Mon, 28 Jun 2004 07:15:42 PDT
John Lonsdale wrote,
>  I just checked the topo of
>the underwoodii site I had in mind near Alexander City, AL, and the
>elevation is just over 600 feet.  Those plants came up here a good 2.5
>months after the Florida panhandle underwoodii - and they are less than 200
>miles NW of them as the crow flies.  Thinking about it more, I've seen
>similar effects in decipiens - the forms just north of the Florida border
>come up here way before those from central eastern AL, and the distances
>between populations are even less.

How long have the respective accessions been growing in your garden, John? 
Perhaps their timing will synchronize gradually over some years? I've 
certainly noticed different timing of emergence between bulbs brought here 
in fall and the same bulbs a couple of years later, when they've settled in.

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon, USA

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