winter hardiness - deep south trilliums

John Lonsdale
Sun, 27 Jun 2004 17:27:13 PDT
> Now that is interesting.  Depending on exact locations, that part of
> Alabama still has some elevations in excess of 2000', while the Florida
> Panhandle rarely exceeds 300' elevation. Perhaps the Alabama forms found
> the early emergence was not a good thing?

Tony, like most theories - nice while it lasted!  I just checked the topo of
the underwoodii site I had in mind near Alexander City, AL, and the
elevation is just over 600 feet.  Those plants came up here a good 2.5
months after the Florida panhandle underwoodii - and they are less than 200
miles NW of them as the crow flies.  Thinking about it more, I've seen
similar effects in decipiens - the forms just north of the Florida border
come up here way before those from central eastern AL, and the distances
between populations are even less.

Something is going on......


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