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James Yourch
Wed, 16 Jun 2004 11:57:42 PDT
Daryl 'Dash' Geoghegan wrote:

>Do you know anyone in the States growing Crinum for cut flowers? I hear 
>the they are sold in the flower market over there. Can anyone help out 
>with information on this subject please?


I never saw a Crinum sold as a cut flower in the United States, but I don't
spend much time in flower markets either and as you know, it is a big
country.  I have read in T.M. Howard's "Bulbs for Warm Climates" that Crinum
x powellii 'Album' are grown by the millions in Mexico for use in wedding
flower arrangements.

Crinum, for all of their beauty and ease of culture (at least in my
climate), are not what I would call common items in gardens in the
Southeastern United States either.  The only place I see many Crinum is in
Florida, and then usually it is the gigantic C. asiaticum or red leafed C.
procerum used like a shrub in commercial landscaping.  Certainly there are
plenty of Crinum lovers and collectors in this country, but my observation
is that Crinum are still below the radar of the general gardening public,
even where they are winter hardy and easily grown.

The reasons for this are unknown to me but I suspect two problems.  First is
that the cold tolerance for many Crinum has been underestimated by most
literature.  Second is that the bulbs are expensive relative to other
herbaceous perennials.  However, when considering that many multiply well,
will outlive the gardener who planted them, getting better each and every
year, providing a lifetime of enjoyment, Crinum are a bargain.  


Jay Yourch

Central North Carolina, USA (USDA Zone 7)   

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