Favorite Red Flowered Bulbs--TOW

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Wed, 16 Jun 2004 10:43:12 PDT
Dear All,

There is still time for some of you to tell us about your favorite red 
flowered bulbs. Thanks to those who posted although those of us who love 
hummingbirds wouldn't want to plant anything to give cats a hiding place 
for pouncing.

When we visited Kew in May, Bob photographed a pretty red Lilium, Lilium 
pumilum. Charles Hardman from Southern California gave seed of this to the 
BX which was unclaimed since it made it to Dell's sale list. Surely if 
people had seen a picture of it they might have been more inclined to ask 
for it. Jane McGary mentioned it as one that could be grown in the Pacific 
Northwest when we talked about species lilies last year and I have notes 
from an old post from Kathy Andersen that she could grow it in Delaware so 
there we have four very different places where it grows. I have added a 
couple of pictures of it to the wiki to help stimulate interest in this 
week's topic.


After seeing it, I don't think that probably Lilium pumilum was the correct 
name of the plant with the lost tag that Rodger nominated for the favorite 
yellow flowered bulbs unless it comes in yellow too.

Mary Sue
TOW Coordinator

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