Additions to Crinum, Zephyranthes, Habranthus and Hippeastrum pa ges

James Yourch
Wed, 16 Jun 2004 09:30:24 PDT
Hi All,

I have added a new photos of C. x herbertii and C. x powellii 'Album' to the
Crinum page.  Also added text giving credit to the hybridizers and an
explanation of striping patterns seen in hybrids involving C. zeylanicum or
C. scabrum.…

Added photos for Z. sp. El Cielo to the Zephyranthes page.…

Added photo for Hippeastrum x johnsonii to the Hippeastrum hybrids page.…

Added additional photo for Habranthus robustus to the Habranthus page.  This
photo was taken by my friend, Nestor White.…


Jay Yourch

Central North Carolina, USA (USDA Zone 7)

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