Cardiocrinum page

Jim McKenney
Wed, 09 Jun 2004 13:43:44 PDT
Dear All:

To celebrate a big event in my garden, a new page for Cardiocrinum has been
established on the wiki. 

I've posted photos of two stages in the growth cycle of Cardiocrinum
cordatum. Take a look at:…

You'll have to tune in again next month to see the flowers. The plant shown
bloomed for the first time in July, 2000. I was in India during the month
of July that year, so I didn't see the flowers then. So this will be the
first time that I've seen this species in bloom. I'm pretty excited about

If Cardiocrinum giganteum is the estate-sized version of the genus, then C.
cordatum can fairly be called the garden-sized version of the genus. I also
grow C. giganteum, and no, I will not be complaining that they are too big
if and when they bloom. But I think C. cordatum really has a place in the
typical small garden. It's an unusual foliage plant, something your friends
will notice. And it seems to take well to local conditions here on the edge
of the Piedmont in Maryland.

Jim McKenney
Montgomery County, Maryland, USA, zone 7 where I'm already counting my
chickens and dreaming about the cool flutes I'll be able to make from the
dried stalks of the Cardiocrinum. 

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