Red Flowered Bulbs--TOW - Crocosmia

David Fenwick
Thu, 17 Jun 2004 16:03:16 PDT
Hi Jim,
>>>>>Years ago I had Crocosmia His Majesty (and I have photos of it) but my
stock was odd in that it produced flowers with varying numbers of perianth

Just a note to say that there are a few inferior forms circulating as His
Majesty, but I've not noticed this on the corms I have here, which are true
to type. I do have one double Crocosmia though, and three or forms have
exsisted in the past and there are also forms which have been bred which one
could call semi-double.

>>>>>Does the name 'Lucifer' properly belong to a clone or to a group of
similar seedlings?

This is a lot easier to answer and the simple answer is that most plants are
indeed seed raised commercially, and it comes relatively true from seed. A
number of distinct variants have been named, eg. in the US there's one
called 'Fuego' and here I've named one 'Devil's Advocate' and there's also a
'Late Lucifer' which is similar but flowers much later.

The original plant was actually bred as far back as 1966 by Alan Bloom; and
of course I cherish the original stock I have here as there's not much of it
about, and which of course originates from The Dell Garden at Bressingham.

Best Wishes,

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