UK bulbs - anemone nem.

Jim McKenney
Fri, 11 Jun 2004 07:28:28 PDT
Thanks for your response on this, Diane. 

Do you know what I thought when I first saw your photo showing the two
Anemone nemorosa variants? They reminded me of the photos I've seen of the
amazing range of variation the Japanese have coaxed from Hepatica. 

Your plants might be the foundation of a new range of Anemone nemorosa

Suddenly I'm feeling very acquisitive and want to start a new collection. 

And here's a thought: since the Anemone nemorosa variant on the left, the
white one which looks as if it's having a bad hair day, doesn't have a
name, let's propose one. Never one to pass up a pun, I think we should name
it Whitehead!

Jim McKenney

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