UK bulbs on the wiki

Mary Sue Ittner
Fri, 11 Jun 2004 06:58:41 PDT
Dear All,

Sorry about misspelling Anemone in my url. I thought I had corrected it 
before I sent it out.

Jim McKenney asked about the relationship of the Allium I saw in the UK to 
one he grows. There are two common names for Allium ursinum, Wood Garlic 
and Ramsons. I don't know why Ramsons, but it does seem close to "Ramps" 
the common name Jim gave for his Allium. So perhaps he can tell us the 
origin of that common name too. I appreciated hearing about the idea behind 

I forgot to say that something else we appreciated while hiking and not 
something that I had associated with UK flowers in the wild were the 
orchids. We have some nice pictures of them too, but weren't always certain 
of the identification since there were so many choices in the best field 
guide we had (and that wasn't the one we carried with us when we were hiking.)

Mary Sue

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