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Mary Sue Ittner
Sat, 19 Jun 2004 18:18:04 PDT
Dear Jane and all,

Every single wiki page except for the files pages starts the same:

So if you learn this, all you have to do is to add the name of the page you 
are looking for on the end.……

Your Alstroemeria ligtu picture is gorgeous Jane and Mark McDonough, Mark 
Wilcox, and I can and often do change file names which is one reason we ask 
people to give the wiki page names instead of the files so that if people 
access the archives which they do all the time through Google the link will 
still be correct. I'll be happy to rename your Alstroemeria picture 
tonight. We like to have the wiki be as accurate as possible so if anyone 
sees mistakes that they can't fix by editing (mostly file names), let us 
know. If you have a better picture, we are always happy to take off an old 
one as I recently did my Calochortus pictures.

By adding NarcissusBulbFly to the end of that common url the link for the 
information about this pest contributed by Dave Karnstedt and Den Wilson 
can be retrieved.…

If you give the url for the file there will not be an easy way to read the 
information about the plant since you will go to the picture and that is 
all. There is no way we can add any link to redirect you to the page. 
However if you go directly to the page you can read the text and click on 
the file link and then your back button in your browser will take you back 
to the page and from there you can access other parts of the wiki.

Mary Sue

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