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Dell Sherk
Sun, 20 Jun 2004 09:46:25 PDT
Dear All,

     The items listed below have been donated by PBS list members for
sharing. If you are interested in obtaining some of them, please email me
PRIVATELY at <>. Include "BX 64" in the subject line.
Specify the NUMBERS of the items which you would like; do not specify
quantities.  Availability is based on a first come, first served system.
When you receive your seeds/bulbs you will find included with them a
statement of how much money (cash or check) you should send the PBS
treasurer to defray our costs for packing and first-class postage. It is a
good idea to include your snail mail address too, in case I don't already
have it.
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    If you would like to donate seeds or bulbs/corms to the PBS, please send
CLEAN, clearly labeled material to: Dell Sherk, PO Box 224, Holicong, PA,
18928, USA. Donors will receive credit on the BX for the cost of postage for
their donations.


From Bill Welch:

1. Hippeastrum hybrid seed:  "Has anyone heard of a Gladis Raburn in
Louisiana?  Apparently she did some
hybridizing with hippeastrums with the aim of enhancing cold hardiness and
outdoor garden suitability.  My friend Rob McElwee says her hybrids grow a
lot better outdoors than do the Dutch hybrids--he is in northern Louisiana.
He describes them as hardy to 10 degrees or colder.
He sent me a quantity of seeds from them.  They are a mix of whites, pinks
and red.  They vary also in size he said,  at least one is quite dwarf. "

From Tom Glavich:
"There are three goals to my hybridization, these overlap some.
The first is getting new patterns into existing color forms.  The papillo
crosses are all part of this.  I know lots of others are doing this as well.
The second is to work with flower shape.  There are a few commercially
available cybister crosses in here, and a number of Amputo crosses.  Amputo
is the best trumpet I have, and I've tried crossing it with as many things
as possible.  Amputo makes a good seed parent, but a poor pollen parent.
Relatively few seeds were produced from any cross and most aborted.  Given
the success (both ways with papillo and Emerald), it probably is a diploid.
The third is to try to reproduce some of the pastel colors that appear to
have been available at the end of the 19th century.  (Electric pink, as
wonderful as it is; is not a pastel)  I've crossed every plant that I could
with at least one white.  Amputo does double duty here.

The seeds listed below come from hybrids that produced more seed than I
could use.
If anyone wants to repeat these, Amputo makes a good pollen receptor, but in
general not a good pollen donor.  Most of my crosses of Amputo into
something produced either few seed or aborted.
Emerald didn't work either way, except with Amputo.
H. papillo is easier to cross with than it is usually given credit for.
The tetraploids were generally easy, although there were some surprising
incompatibilities.  It could be just bad luck.  I didn't make repeat crosses
except in a few cases.
In order to be sure I was getting what I wanted, all plants were brought
indoors before the first blossom was fully open.  Pollen was collected as it
ripened, and stored in a refrigerator in gel caps inside small plastic bags,
inside a Gladware box with desiccant.  If the filaments were anywhere close
in length to the style, then I emasculated the flower.  After hybrid 04080
or so, I emasculated them anyway. The style was protected from accidental
pollination during pollen collection. Pollen was placed on each style when
it was receptive.  Each bloom was tagged, with the tag staying on the seed
pod until it was harvested."

2. Hippeastrum papillo x Nagano? (Bought as Lady Jane but appears to be
3.  Hippeastrum Nagano Self? Bought as Lady Jane, but appears to be Nagano
crossed with Nagano
4.  Hippeastrum Lambada x Nagano
5.  Hippeastrum Amputo x Lambada
6.  Hippeastrum Amputo x Emerald
7.  Hippeastrum Orange Sovereign x Amputo
8.  Hippeastrum Picotee x Nagano
9.  Hippeastrum Picotee x Lambada
10.  Hippeastrum Mont Blanc x Lambada
11.  Hippeastrum Mont Blanc x Liberty
12.  Hippeastrum papillo x Amputo
13.  Hippeastrum Rilona x Lydia #44 (ex B. Dijk 1999 IBS) x Picotee
14.  Hippeastrum papillo x Mont Blanc
15.  Hippeastrum UFO #1 (ex B. Dijk 1999 IBS Minerva in there somplace) x
16.  Hippeastrum UFO #1 (ex B. Dijk 1999 IBS Minerva in there someplace) x
17.  Hippeastrum Liberty x Mont Blanc
18.  Hippeastrum Liberty x Mont Blanc
19.  Hippeastrum Fairy Tale x (x Red Lion ex B. Dijk 1999 IBS)
20.  Hippeastrum (x Red Lion ex B. Dijk 1999 IBS) x Mont Blanc
21.  Hippeastrum Orange Sovereign x Mont Blanc
22.  Hippeastrum Orange Sovereign x Picotee
23.  Hippeastrum (x Minerva) x (x Red Lion) both ex B. Dijk 1999 IBS seed

Thank you, Bill and Tom !!

Best wishes,

--Dell Sherk, Director, Pacific BX

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