Sprekelia and Hybrids

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Tue, 08 Jun 2004 15:19:53 PDT
Dear Mary Sue,

Arent these hybrids between Sprekelia and Hippeastrum named X Hippeastrelia? 
Personally I find these invented names awful and botanically I think they are 
no longer correct, but aren't there members who should know better?

For Sprekelia: I find it is one of the easiest plants in the Amaryllidaceae to 
flower (I abandoned my Hippeastrum collection after 12 years without 
significant flowers) Sprekelia comes from Mexico and is considered borderline 
hardy in England (not with me in Germany, I tried) So in California you could 
leave the bulbs outside and forget them, They need a certain size to bloom and 
respond well to fertilizer, they like full sun and moisture during their 
I grow a very large flowered one which was given to me more than 10 years ago 
by an English friend who collected it in Mexico.....on a rubbish dump. I sent a 
leaf of it to Mr Zonneveld in Leiden to have its DNA measured and he said it 
had a very high DNA weight so may be something special. I am happy to share the 
odd offset but I tried selfing it: self incompatible. I do not know 'Orient' 
this may be a good partner to try to cross it with unless my plant is a kind of 
polyploid that is not compatible at all. The only disadvantage is that the 
flowers do only last very few days...... but they are striking!

greetings from the first warm summer days, Uli

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