Intergeneric Hybrids

Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 07 Jun 2004 12:22:04 PDT
Dear All,

Can someone explain the correct or customary way of naming intergeneric 
hybrids? Long ago we discussed how we might create wiki pages for them and 
Mark Mazer, Mark McDonough, and I decided we'd name the page with the name 
for each one and then link that page to both genera that were involved. No 
one has added any so I haven't had to figure out what to call the page. In 
John Bryan's latest book he lists these three:

xAmarcrinum -- the name used for hybrids between Amaryillis belladonna and 
Crinum moorei. Does this mean if there was another cross with another 
Crinum it wouldn't be included in this name?

xAmarine -- the name used for a combination of Amaryllis belladonna and 
Nerine species or hybrids

xAmarygia -- intergeneric hybrids between Amaryllis belladonna and Brunsvigia.

Are there others or a way to name those that aren't recognized by a common 
name as the ones above?

When I got back from my trip to my surprise blooming in my greenhouse from 
Bill Dijk seed was a cross between a hybrid Hippeastrum and Sprekelia. It 
was/is very pretty and I would like to add it to the wiki if I can figure 
out how to name the page.

I was rather amazed by this since I can't get Sprekelia to bloom at all and 
keep threatening to toss the ones I have. Lee Poulsen says that cultivar, 
Orient something is fool proof and long blooming so I bought one in 
Southern California and it hasn't bloomed either. And my luck with regular 
easy Hippeastrums isn't very good either. So normally I pass on them, but 
this was seed from awhile ago. The seed was labeled H. stylosum (mistake 
somewhere) and I had treated it like that was what it was following 
instructions that someone supplied for how to grow the different species. 
So I watered it and fertilized it certain months and kept it completely dry 
for the winter months and started watering when I was supposed to. Never 
did I expect it to bloom. What an exciting welcome home present.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Mary Sue

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