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Mary Sue Ittner
Sun, 06 Jun 2004 08:02:10 PDT
Dear All,

The wiki administrators prefer that you announce the wiki page when you 
announce your pictures instead of the url. One of the reasons for this is 
that when you go to the wiki page you can read the text about the images 
which is one of the advantages of our wiki over a web site that just 
displays images without telling you anything about them. The other reason 
is that we frequently change the names of files (moving them to a 
subdirectory, correcting misspelled names or misidentified plants or files 
named oddly) and then the original url given the group ends up with that 
funny message from ibiblio that it could not be found. Very rarely do the 
wiki pages change so if the pages are referenced we can make changes and 
the archive url will still work.

In late May Bill Dijk loaded a lot of images to the wiki and he is now 
writing about them. I'm going to reference the wiki pages and encourage 
those of you who may be interested in these plants to go to the pages and 
read what he has said about his pictures.

To learn about Androcymbium ciliolatum…

Gloriosa--I've changed names of the files he gave before so those links 
won't work and added a picture taken last summer of mine. Bill's pictures 
show two color variations and we still have Sheila Burrow's wonderful 
close-up. In my picture I wanted to give people an idea of how much space 
this plant needs and how much it can climb in a season. Which reminds me 
that perhaps this year I need to rig up string in my greenhouse it can 
scramble up the string before it falls over.…

Bill has added some interesting text along with pictures of the two color 
forms of Bessera elegans.…

More wiki urls tomorrow.

Mary Sue

PBS List Administrator, Wiki Worker, TOW Coordinator (Whew!)

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